Restaurant Purpur´s lively and warm atmosphere, as well as recipes collected by actor and traveller Ville Haapasalo, will take You on a tasty trip to Georgia!

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Choose Your favorite starters. Georgian way is to order appetizers to share with Your friends. Don`t forget Khachapuri bread!

1 pcs 12€ │ 3 pcs 32€ │ 5 pcs 52€
Pickles, sour cream and honey 5€

If Georgia has a chance to get meat, then everything else is built around it. Shaslik skewers made with a real charcoal grill already know the scent. The skewers are marinated with vinegar and of course herbs. And then the most important; sauce - it gives rise to the mood, soul and season of the dose.



Elara Gourmet Restaurant
June 29, 2022
Elara Gourmet Restaurant

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Elote Style Quinoa Salad
June 29, 2022
Elote Style Quinoa Salad

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9 Best Healthy Chickpea Recipes
June 29, 2022
9 Best Healthy Chickpea Recipes

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