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Georgian Restaurant Purpur

Georgian Cuisine by Ville Haapasalo

TUESDAY – THURSDAY 4pm-11pm FRIDAY 5pm-Midnight SATURDAY 3pm – Midnight
Between 27.7.-15.8.2021 we open at 5pm (tuesday-saturday).
We reserve the right to change opening hours due to official regulations and changes caused by the Covid situation.

Restaurant Purpur´s lively and warm atmosphere, as well as recipes collected by actor and traveller Ville Haapasalo, will take You on a tasty trip to Georgia!

They say, that most people eat to stay alive, but in Georgia, people live to eat.
For centuries Georgian food has been influenced by Russia and other neighboring countries such as the Middle East and Turkey.

The flavors of the Caucasian mountain people are simple but deep, rich and powerful, but not hot. In Georgia, all the benefits of nature are used to the full, and so the Georgian dining table is full of vegetables and herbs. A Georgian meal is mostly made of mezestyle appetizers, Shaslik -skewers, casseroles and many adorable side dishes.


Come with your party or book the whole place!

Purpur is the place to have a great time, no matter how large a party you bring along.
Contact us to plan an event to remember!