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Choose Your favorite starters. Georgian way is order appetizers to share with Your friends. Don`t forget Khachapuri bread!

1 pcs 9€ │ 3 pcs 25€ │ 5 pcs 40€

Georgian salad

Tomato, cucumber, onion, flat-leaf parsley and coriander. Served with nut dressing. The cornerstone of a Georgian meal. Always on the table! – Without cheese 6€


Beetroot, walnuts and cabbage. Pkhali is a dish developed in a time of famine. People foraged what nature provided in each season and added walnuts, resulting in a filling and nutritious dish that could also be prepared by shepherds on the mountain.


Duplings (3 pcs) with meat or cheese filling. Spicy minced meat with herbs or cheese cooked inside the dough to trap the juices. Often a full meal or a breakfast after a long night.


Lamb or vegetarian. This oriental delicacy was invented by Ville Haapasalo while running from wolves in Siberia. Smaller than khinkali and served with vinegar or thick sour cream.


Bean casserole. Lobio means ‘bean’ in Georgian. There are roughly 1,000,000 lobio recipes. It is served in summer as a main course and in winter as a starter to fill the stomach before the main course.


Stuffed wine leaves. It is believed that wine leaves contain a vast amount of the sun’s power and energy from minerals deep in the earth. It is a tremendous source of strength for the winter.


Fried mushrooms and onions with sour cream and suluguni cheese. The origin of this dish has been long debated. In the Soviet era, everyone claimed it as their own. We consider it Georgian.

Nigvziani, aubergine roll

Georgians firmly believe that aubergine is the food for evenings. It has cleansing and digestive effects, which makes it ideal for the early evening, when eating well and long. The nutty flavour gives it a sense of the Caucasus.

Khachapuri 9€ │ 12€

Cheese filled bread, Khachapuri – Imiritiskii is the brighest star of Georgian cuisine,
it´s most amazing achievement.