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Group menu


Business or pleasure? Both will do.
You can rely on Georgian hospitality at every case.


The Georgians are living to eat and the common table is gathered even for a smaller reason. “The guest is a gift from God,” the Georgians say and prepare feast for their guests.

Purpur´s Georgian Feast is served to the whole table, the same form for everyone.
The idea is to sate your hunger and whet your thirst.
The menu can be served as a surprise or revealed in advance.
Ask the staff for more information or throw yourself on our mercy!

Georgian Feast, Short form 47€ │ Long form 59€

Georgians are convinced that the secret of their long life lies in wine.
At all Georgian Feast´s regardless of size, there is a tamada – toastmaster – one person who introduces each toast. The tamada is expected to keep the festivities moving along with toasts and songs and ensure that the wine keeps flowing!

Drink packages for Georgian Feast 39€ │ 44€

Cheers! – გაუმარჯოს! – Gaumarjos!